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The Best of Both Worlds: Significant Cost Savings and Less Landfill Waste

Is reducing operating costs important to you? You can reduce costs. Wherever you are, we have a team near and we’ll be there for you. And you don’t pay us anything until we start SAVING YOU MONEY!

That is correct! We receive compensation only if we save you money. 

We provide all you will need – balers, baling wire, equipment, recycling containers, solutions, training, etc – at no cost.

We also guarantee we will reduce your carbon footprint by at least 50% and we are the best in the world at moving you to zero landfill waste.

What is your company’s directive, goal, mandate or strategy as it relates to your waste stream? Whatever your goal is we will help you achieve it and we will not charge you a dime unless you save money.

Reinvent to stay relevant

Today’s landscape is fueled by change; traditional R&D is seldom enough to keep pace. To become disruptors themselves, organizations must look beyond core business and think differently about innovation. In today’s environment, every rock has to be turned. Using every available resource is expected.

DoxicomGlobal’s ability to identify and scale opportunity at speed relies on our unique ability to bring creative solutions that add value to an organization. Because of our operational expertise, we help our clients pilot and adopt new solutions to spark transformation.

How We Help You Cut Costs

Are you sending materials to the landfill?

Why would you send materials to the landfill when you could be achieving the following:

  1. Zero Landfill
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Generate income from the materials you are currently sending to the landfill
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint
  5. Prevent higher costs in the future (the cost of your waste stream is predicted to double by 2025)
  6. Create new revenue streams

What amount of income are you generating from your waste stream?

Would you like a second opinion? One must inspect what they expect. We offer a free assessment. You will know exactly what your potential for cost savings and additional revenue are. Contact us!

Are you getting every dime your company is entitled to receive?

This is your money and should be accounted for. We have experience visiting many plants where it was impossible to track money generated from the current waste stream. We will tell you if you are getting every dime and if you could or should be getting more.

What is your potential savings and income?

We believe all decisions should be based on fact. Wouldn’t you like to know how much more you could be saving AND earning? We offer a no-cost assessment. 

How are your income and materials tracked?

Do you know every shipment that leaves your plant? Who is responsible for tracking your shipments? Why not have one company, one call, to track all your facilities? Can you imagine the control and knowledge you will gain? Call us to get started today.

What We Do

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Services

  • Air Quality (Title V, MACT, Air Emissions, GHC, VOC, and HAPS stack emissions)
  • Water (NPDES, POTW, RCRA, Tier II, TRI, SPDCCC, SWPPP, and Industrial Treatment)
  • Land (RCRA). Environmental Site Assessments

Greenhouse Gas Footprint

  • Accurate measurement
  • Your company compared to similar competitor(s)
  • Monitoring
  • Third-party validation

Collection of Data

  • GRI Certified (Global Reporting Initiative) International, sustainability reporting

Financial Analysis

  • Cost savings recommendation 

Trust But Verify

  • Online reports (data & analytics)

Sustainable Packaging

  • Design, Collection and Recycling

We are the Sherlock Holmes of Recycling!

Why send materials to the landfill? We can find recycling solutions and money savings when no one else can.

Recycling Solutions

Wood Scrap & Pallets

  • Equipment 
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning services
  • Ground maintenance 
  • Environmentally-friendly pest control
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Recalls
  • Shredding
  • Electronic waste
  • Training


  • Earn more for the materials you currently recycle
  • Reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill
  • Reduce your waste hauling cost
  • Recovery and transformation
  • Pallet and wood scrap

Greengooroo Certification Program

  • Metals 
  • Warehousing 
  • Buying and selling of scrap metal, plastic, and paper 
  • Facility maintenance and management

Greengooroo Store

  • Perfect location to sell anything recyclable and locate those hard-to-find items
  • Nearly 3,000 buyers and sellers visit this site monthly
  • Buy & sell 


  • We can do this for less because we recycle

Gaylord Boxes

  • Buy & sell

Our customers, on average, reduce their waste stream cost up to 51% overall.

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Our Waste Stream Management Program Achieves the Results You Want!

$108,000 SAVED!

DoxicomGlobal saved our plant $108,000 the 1st year and achieved zero landfill.

Gail Dunaway, Operations Manager

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