Services We Offer To Investors

Your Investments Indicate Your Priorities

You invest in companies not just because of what they do, but the motives behind what they do. The WHY.

You care about the environment and you want to make sure that the companies you invest in share your priorities. But do they?

Whether you’ve already invested in a company or you’re vetting one to make sure it’s really where you want to put your money, we can help you.

We offer assessments that will help you get a clear picture of how “green” a company is. You can use the information we provide to make a decision about your potential investment or help a company take measures to send less waste to landfills.

The best part is that we can not only help reduce waste, but we can also increase the profitability of the companies you invest in.

That’s a WIN-WIN-WIN in our book.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Services

  • Air Quality (Title V, MACT, Air Emissions, GHC, VOC, and HAPS stack emissions)
  • Water (NPDES, POTW, RCRA, Tier II, TRI, SPDCCC, SWPPP, and Industrial Treatment)
  • Land (RCRA) Environmental Site Assessments

Greenhouse Gas Footprint

  • Accurate measurement
  • Your company compared to similar competitor(s)
  • Monitoring
  • Third-party validation

Collection of Data

  • GRI Certiļ¬ed (Global Reporting Initiative) International, sustainability reporting

Financial Analysis

  • Cost savings recommendationĀ 

Trust But Verify

  • Online reports (data & analytics)

Sustainable Packaging

  • Design, Collection and Recycling

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